Area Covered


Having worked on a number of Awards with the Chamber of Commerce and previously while living in Cornwall working with COSIRA. I very quickly realized the value of them, first to the increased PR but also helping you or your staff to tap into that ‘Feel Good Factor’ Small Businesses can feel quite isolated and obtaining recognition can give you and your staff an enormous boost

With the  demise of the Abergavenny Business Awards when Peachey’s reluctantly had to withdraw their sponsorship, taking advice I realized that it was a simple matter to rebrand and Monmouthshire Business Awards was born.

Now after six years a natural progression we move on to embrace the past when Monmouthshire consisted of  a much large area, incorporating Newport, Pontypool, Caerphilly and all other incompassing  areas prior to the formation of the individual unitary authorities..

Over the last six years I personally as well as the CEO of Monmouthshire County Council who for a period were the major title sponsors, we both received requests from Businesses who wished to enter but because of the existing borders as they are now, we had to refuse.

So to quote Cher ‘If we could turn back time” and that is what we have done, so what are you waiting for now ENTER, and benefit from the recognition.