Capital Law


New Business Start-up

Capital Law is a leading provider of commercial legal services to businesses throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Based in Cardiff and London, our team is diverse and highly experienced.

Entry Criteria

  • The Business must be trading within Monmouthshire.
  • The business must have started trading and be between 6 months and 18 months old.
  • The application¬†should also include the following areas:
    • Reasons for starting the business
    • Knowledge of the business market
    • Knowledge of competitors and how their business is different
    • Research into the needs of the market/future trends
    • Details of any business support/training they have received
    • How you market your business using social media
    • What your future business development plans are
    • Details of your website and social media
    • The application will not be accepted unless all areas of the application form are completed