Reid Lifting


Excellence in Manufacturing


The judges are looking for evidence of:

  • Strong leadership
  • Performance measurement & management
  • Skills & Training
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Communications including visuals
  • Safety culture

Questions to be answered/information needed about your business:

  1. Executive Summary

This is the section that tells your whole story – what you do, what your key strengths are and why you’re a successful manufacturing business. When writing this section, keep it concise, non‐technical and easy to understand. We recommend completing this section last – this will give you a chance to review the application and ensure you include all the relevant information.

  1. About the business & its products/services

Make sure you clearly state what your business is about, its vision, strategy and key differentiators. Do you have a Business Plan & does the manufacturing strategy reflect it?

Don’t assume that the judges are aware of your organisation, its products, processes & capabilities.

  1. Policy, strategy & structure

Describe how the company deploys policies and strategy across its structure.

Include any communications structure within this.

Market your organisation in your application by highlighting your strengths, illustrating how innovative and distinctive your achievements have been.

  1. Measures & performance.

What measures does the company use to manage its operations & performance?

The judges will be looking for evidence of structure, measures & visuals utilised and a culture/process of continuous improvement.

  1. Health & Safety

How does the company ensure a Health & Safety culture & engagement of its workforce?

  1. Skills & Training

Does the company track skills/competencies & have a plan for development of its staff?